November 2, 2012

Automatic Pool Cleaners

If you want your pool to look clean all week, a automatic pool cleaner is a must.  The toughest decision you have is choosing the make & model to purchase.  If you buy a cheap pool cleaner expect problems.  Not only will it not do a good job but it WILL break down.  A good thing to look for is a model with as few as parts as possible.  If there are lots of gears, wings, wheels and hoopla, those are just more parts that can and will break at some point.  I have found 3 make/models that work very well.

  • Poolvergnuegen – Very reliable cleaner.  I have never had 1 of these break down.  I recommend the 2 wheel version.  This guy will pick up anything even rocks & acorns which are the death to any automatic pool cleaner.  Easily the best and most efficient cleaner on the market.  They start at about $450.00


  • Barracuda by Zodiac & The Kreepy Krauly – The Barracuda and the Kreepy are basically the same thing and both do a great job.  The thing I love about them is, they only have 2 parts that can break.  The most expensive part is the boot which last at least about 5 years and costs about $20.00.  The other part is a diaphragm which is about $12.00.  Both parts are very easily installed.  These cleaners run about $320.00  The only negative to these cleaners is the acorns and large rocks will clog them.

Hope this helps make your decision!