DE Filters Vs. Cartridge Filters

December 10, 2012

Choosing the right filter is not as complicated as it may seem.  The toughest decision is to go with a DE filter or a cartridge filter.  Here is a breakdown of both so you can make the decision for yourself.

DE Filters:

  1. Filters to the smallest particle of all filters (5 microns).
  2. Grids cost about $10.00 – $15.00 a piece & you need a total of 8.
  3. Grids can last 10-20 years if cleaned regularly.
  4. Easy to clean.  Just hose it off on the grass. (Some say it makes a mess)
  5. Have to add DE every time you backwash or clean the filter.

Cartridge Filters:

  1. Not as messy to clean as DE filters.
  2. Never have to add DE.
  3. Cartridges cost anywhere from $60.00 to $100.00 a piece and you usually need 4.
  4. Cartridges last about 4 or 5 years.
  5. Water does not look as clear as DE Filters.
  6. A Cartridge filter is easier to take apart and clean than a DE filter.

Having Problems With Alge??

December 4, 2012

Some pools are just more likely to have algae than others.  The following are a few things to check for if you are constantly battling algae.

1.  Circulation – Check your filter to make sure it is clean.  Check to make sure your return lines are sending the water in a clockwise direction around the pool (they should not make the water ripple).

2.  Chlorine Level – This should be at 3 parts per million.  If it is low add some more chlorine.  Also get a floater and keep it full of tri-chlor tabs.  If you have a salt pool you can turn up the production to 80% to 100%.  Remember salt cells don’t work well in cold water so you may need to check your salt level which should be at 3000 to 3400 ppm.

3.  PH Level –  This should be at 7.2-7.8.  (Salt pools always have a high PH around 7.8-8.2)  If the PH is high add a little acid.

4.  Phosphates – This is often missed.  Your phosphate level needs to be less than 200 ppm.  A lot of people don’t know what phosphates are or how they can get into a pool.  Fires, leaves, dirt & sun tan oil all give off phosphates.  It is just like fertilizer & algae loves it.  If your phosphates level is above 200ppm algae will grow even when you have a very high chlorine reading.  To remove them you need to get a phosphate remover.  There is a product out there called phosfree that seems to work very well.  However if you have a cartridge filter you will have to replace the cartridges after you treat the pool.

Good luck and ask your pool man for help if you are having alge problems!

Skimmer Weir

November 25, 2012

I recently went to a home to give a bid on service.  The pool was full of leaves.  The first thing I did was look into the skimmer.  It did not shock me that the skimmer basket was empty, there was no skim weir & the bottom of the pool was covered in leaves.  The guy had no idea why his pool was always so dirty.  I told the guy monthly service would cost him $85.00 per month but first he would have to buy a skim weir for $15.00.   He signed up for service and now is one of the easiest pools I clean.

Leaves, bugs, & dust are constantly falling in pools. They then float around for hours until they finally sink to the bottom.  This makes your pool unapealing to you, your kids and your guests.

Skimmer weir is that little plastic flap that increases the flow of water into the skimmer.  When the pump shuts off the weir floats up and traps the debris inside the basket.

Skimmer weir comes in all makes models and sizes and they only cost about $15.00 at Leslie’s Pool Supply.  Splurge and go buy it!  You wont regret it.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

November 2, 2012

If you want your pool to look clean all week, a automatic pool cleaner is a must.  The toughest decision you have is choosing the make & model to purchase.  If you buy a cheap pool cleaner expect problems.  Not only will it not do a good job but it WILL break down.  A good thing to look for is a model with as few as parts as possible.  If there are lots of gears, wings, wheels and hoopla, those are just more parts that can and will break at some point.  I have found 3 make/models that work very well.

  • Poolvergnuegen – Very reliable cleaner.  I have never had 1 of these break down.  I recommend the 2 wheel version.  This guy will pick up anything even rocks & acorns which are the death to any automatic pool cleaner.  Easily the best and most efficient cleaner on the market.  They start at about $450.00


  • Barracuda by Zodiac & The Kreepy Krauly – The Barracuda and the Kreepy are basically the same thing and both do a great job.  The thing I love about them is, they only have 2 parts that can break.  The most expensive part is the boot which last at least about 5 years and costs about $20.00.  The other part is a diaphragm which is about $12.00.  Both parts are very easily installed.  These cleaners run about $320.00  The only negative to these cleaners is the acorns and large rocks will clog them.

Hope this helps make your decision!

The First Post!

October 14, 2012

Hello  Everyone,

I have set up this blog to help answer questions that people commonly have,  give updates for our business and to keep our customers updated on the industry.  I hope you find our blog informative and interesting.