December 4, 2012

Having Problems With Alge??

Some pools are just more likely to have algae than others.  The following are a few things to check for if you are constantly battling algae.

1.  Circulation – Check your filter to make sure it is clean.  Check to make sure your return lines are sending the water in a clockwise direction around the pool (they should not make the water ripple).

2.  Chlorine Level – This should be at 3 parts per million.  If it is low add some more chlorine.  Also get a floater and keep it full of tri-chlor tabs.  If you have a salt pool you can turn up the production to 80% to 100%.  Remember salt cells don’t work well in cold water so you may need to check your salt level which should be at 3000 to 3400 ppm.

3.  PH Level –  This should be at 7.2-7.8.  (Salt pools always have a high PH around 7.8-8.2)  If the PH is high add a little acid.

4.  Phosphates – This is often missed.  Your phosphate level needs to be less than 200 ppm.  A lot of people don’t know what phosphates are or how they can get into a pool.  Fires, leaves, dirt & sun tan oil all give off phosphates.  It is just like fertilizer & algae loves it.  If your phosphates level is above 200ppm algae will grow even when you have a very high chlorine reading.  To remove them you need to get a phosphate remover.  There is a product out there called phosfree that seems to work very well.  However if you have a cartridge filter you will have to replace the cartridges after you treat the pool.

Good luck and ask your pool man for help if you are having alge problems!