February 26, 2014

How to choose the right algaecide for your pool

There are a lot of different algaecides out there and it can be very difficult to pick one.  There are 3 basic kinds of algaecides that are sold.

1.  Copper Algaecide

2.  Silver Algaecide or Algaedyn

3.  Sodium Bromide


There are pros and cons to each.

Lets start with the copper algaecide.  It is the most common algaecide sold because it is the least expensive.  The way it works is simple.  It adds copper to the water and algae doesn’t like metals in the water.  The problem is algae will build up a resistance to the copper algaecide.  Then your cheap algaecide will be useless.  The other problem is you are adding metals to the water with can lead to staining of the plaster down the road.

Next is the silver.  Works the almost the same as copper algaecide.  Most people don’t use it because it is about 2 to 3 times the price as the copper algaecide.  But it does work better.  Algae really hates the silver.  If you had to choose between the silver and the copper go silver.  But again after continual use the algae builds a resistance to the silver and renders it ineffective.  Also again you are adding metals to the pool with can stain the tile and the plaster.


Once the algae builds a resistance to the copper or the silver you can try the opposite IE if you were using copper try the silver and vice versa.

Last is the sodium bromide.  This is what most professional pool guys use.  I stress the word professional because this one is easy to screw up.  Sodium bromide is not an algaecide.  It is a sanitizer & algae inhibitor.  In a nut shell in not only kills algae but it also kills bacteria.  It is more stable than chlorine and works semi-in conjunction with the chlorine.  It prevents the algae from growing so you don’t get it in the first place.

The Pros

1.  Kills everything in the water that you don’t want in the water like algae, bacteria, fungus and disease.

2.  Water has less of a “chlorine” smell.

3.  Prevents more problems than just algae

4.  Inexpensive

5.  If used properly the algae will not build a resistance to it.

The cons are these.

1.  It must be added weekly.  If you miss a week you are in trouble (This is why I stress a pool professional).

2.  It will not solve a problem.  It prevents them. (Pro and a Con)

3.  If you miss a week you are in trouble.

4.  If you miss a week you are in trouble.


I personally use the sodium bromide.  It just keeps the water nicer and my customers happier.  If you are having a problem my advice would be put in the silver.  Then once the problem is solved use the sodium bromide if you are responsible enough to do so.