November 25, 2012

Skimmer Weir

I recently went to a home to give a bid on service.  The pool was full of leaves.  The first thing I did was look into the skimmer.  It did not shock me that the skimmer basket was empty, there was no skim weir & the bottom of the pool was covered in leaves.  The guy had no idea why his pool was always so dirty.  I told the guy monthly service would cost him $85.00 per month but first he would have to buy a skim weir for $15.00.   He signed up for service and now is one of the easiest pools I clean.

Leaves, bugs, & dust are constantly falling in pools. They then float around for hours until they finally sink to the bottom.  This makes your pool unapealing to you, your kids and your guests.

Skimmer weir is that little plastic flap that increases the flow of water into the skimmer.  When the pump shuts off the weir floats up and traps the debris inside the basket.

Skimmer weir comes in all makes models and sizes and they only cost about $15.00 at Leslie’s Pool Supply.  Splurge and go buy it!  You wont regret it.