September 6, 2013

Why Did My Pool Turn Green?

Sometimes Pools Turn Green – But They Can Be Fixed

Swimming enthusiasts probably have already heard of peoples’ hair turning a greener hue after a dip in an over-chlorinated pool, but it may be a surprise to some that a pool can turn green, too. Though there are plenty of reasons why you may wake up one day to find a green pool, every reason has a very simple solution. Here are some of the most common reasons why you may be dealing with a green pool.
1. “Oops! I forgot the chlorine!” Without chlorine in your pool, you will end up having to deal with some naturally occurring denizens deciding to make your pool a home. Chlorine kills the bacteria and plant life that can cause a green pool in a pinch.
2. “How long do I have to filter the pool, again?” Every pool location is different, and some pools may need to have a much longer filter time than others. Not filtering the water in your pool frequently enough can cause issues like more algae, more bacteria, or even discoloration due to errant chemicals. When in doubt, try to filter your pool a little bit longer every day.
3. “Okay, the filter may be broken.” A broken or incapacitated pool filter will not be able to pick up the small impurities that can cause a pool to turn green. The worse shape the pool filter happens to be in, the more likely it is that your pool will turn colors. You should try to replace your pool filters regularly, or at least get someone to maintain them on a regular basis.
4. “What’s this TDS thing?” Having a very high level of total dissolved solids can cause a green pool, and this is often caused by a pool that is too high in acidity. If you see that your cyanuric acid levels are too high, a complete and total drain of the pool may be necessary. If you can help it at all, avoid getting a cyanuric acid level that gets too high.
5. “I just shocked the pool…why is it green?” Sometimes, pool maintenance and sanitation practices can yield strange results. If you recently shocked the pool to clear out algae and bacteria only to watch your pool water turn green, it could be that you have iron in your pool.
Of course, if you are dealing with green pool issues from month to month, it can be annoying. Keeping and cleaning a pool can be a hassle for many people, so if you are tired of having to do the guesswork, then it may be best to call a professional who is able to tell you exactly what is wrong with your pool, and take care of it for you. Professional Pool Maintenance is a company that is staffed with some of the greatest professionals in the pool maintenance world, and we offer our services at a very affordable rate. If you’re ready to get your pool to be more refreshing than ever before, it’s time to call us. Hurry up – we book very quickly.