December 16, 2013

Why Is My Pool Cloudy


There are a number of reasons pool water can be cloudy.  Unfortunately there is never just 1 answer on how to fix a pools water.

1.  Basic Water Chemistry – PH, Alkalinity, Chlorine, Calcium, & TDS levels.

a. If any of the above is off this can cause cloudiness in the water.  It is imperative to keep them at the appropriate levels all of the time.

2.  Poor Circulation – If the water is not moving then you will have lots of problems.

a. Make sure are turning the water over at least once a day (LA County says in 6 hours).

3.  Poor Filtration – If the filter is dirty so is the water

a. Make sure your filter is clean.  If the filter is dirty you have poor circulation and no filtration.

In truth I see cloudy water quite often when I am called out to a prospective clients home.  There are few things more dangerous than this.  Cloudy water is present 85% of the time when someone drowns.  When someone drowns there is very little splashing.  Typically they are completely under the water.  If the water is cloudy…  You cannot see them.   A general rule of thumb is if you can not see the main drain do not swim.  Keep your water safe and hire a professional